Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Tennessee fungi, my latest craze


shoreacres said...

Wow! These are spectacular. Are you in Tennessee? or did you import these? or what?

The ones in the second and third photos look remarkably like some I found recently. I don't have a clue what species they are, but I really liked them. I found one that had curled itself up into a cup -- so attractive.

Tom Parker said...

Linda, we were in Tennessee visiting our oldest son and his family. Like you, I have no idea what species they are, but I intend to begin my education next spring.

I've never taken much notice of mushrooms before until a recent run/walk/bike event at Alcove Spring Historic Park near our house. While waiting for runners to appear and cross a new bridge, I spotted a few mushrooms poking through layers of colorful fallen leaves. Oddly enough, I was suddenly fascinated with them, and spent the next 20 minutes rooting around on my hands and knees photographing them from ground level, all but oblivious of passing runners. Their beauty had already faded because of the season but that only made me want to see them when they were fresh. When I got home I ordered a small pocket-sized tripod that got me down to an inch.

Since then, everywhere I go I look for fungi. If nothing else, I'm having a blast and seeing part of nature that most people know nothing about. My only hope is that my knees hold out!

Carol said...

Don0- Loved the fungi photos! I looked at your collection page, which mentions that your book is available at Town Crier Bookstore in Emporia. If you haven't heard, I know that Town Crier has closed (was empty when I attended a KAC District 2 meeting in Emporia in August). I've been told by locals that there is a new bookstore in Emporia, but I don't recall the name and have not been there.

Am sad to lose Town Crier. You may want to follow up in locating the new bookstore and get your books made available there.

Anonymous said...

i like the new craze. the shappes and backgrounds for the fungi are interesting/unique?. i'm surprised by the colors.
they are like the bicycles-novel subjects and shapes.

Tom Parker said...

Like you, I'm attracted to the various shapes, sizes and hues. The addition of autumn leaves really makes the images pop, but I can't wait for next spring's greenery and the vivid colors of the fungi.

Tom Parker said...

Carol--I didn't know about Town Crier--what a shame. I'll make corrections to the header.