Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Monday, July 18, 2016

Marshall County Centennial Fair Day Three


Carol said...

I looked at all three days of your fair photos and am greatly impressed. You have a marvelous eye for capturing both action and stillness. I know you must tweak each photo, and am amazed at the HUGE output of work you've accomplished. I hope someone is paying you for making such an impressive record of this event!

Matt said...

Great shots, Tom.

Tom Parker said...

Thanks, Matt. I'd rather shoot events than any other type of photography.

Tom Parker said...

Carol -- I volunteered to shoot the fair as much as possible, and did a pretty good job of it. Partly it was to document the 100th anniversary, but a part of me wanted to delve deep into a personal photo project here at home. The fair was the perfect venue for such a project, and it appears that I've sold a few prints to help pay for my time. Now I can't wait for next year's fair!