Tuesday, October 13, 2015

For the overachievers: Alcove Spring 10K race


shoreacres said...

They look like they're having a great time. That's a beautiful trail. I'm not going to be running it, ever, but I wouldn't mind walking it, especially this time of year. We're still waiting waiting waiting for autumn to arrive. We did have a wind shift and a humidity drop this afternoon, so going out for a walk (or a run) is going to be more appealing.

Tom Parker said...

Though it looked like autumn and the morning was cool enough to need a light jacket, temperatures had reached the upper eighties by afternoon. I was lucky enough to be ferried about in a Gator, so my own exercise was limited to about a mile or so on foot. I've walked those trails a hundred times and will continue to do so as the leaves change color. The place is magical, and perfect for an event such as this.