Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Hot August day: the 2015 Waterville River Run


shoreacres said...

That looks like a really fun, relaxing day. All that green is as appealing as the water. We're hot and dry and moving back into drought again, with temps cracking 100 this coming week. Thank goodness next month is September!

Tom Parker said...

We're fortunate that it's still fairly wet and green here, though the humidity has been a killer. I envied the boaters and seriously considering taking off my cameras and falling in the water a time or two.

Unknown said...

Tom, thanks for taking pictures. We had approximately 150 people and around 25-30 kids come out and enjoy the fun!!! It was a great day! We raised some good money for the VH Food Bank!!!

Tom Parker said...

Brenda -- I should have a few dozen more images to add but it won't be until tomorrow or the next day. I had fun documenting your river run, only wished I could have jumped in the water a time or two.