Sunday, October 05, 2014

The 4th annual Horn Showcase at Lazy J Longhorns, Greenleaf


shoreacres said...

Wonderful photos. There are quite a few grins in there, too. I do believe those guys are having a good time.

I can't find the website right now, but there's a family of longhorn breeders here in Texas who have some of the most unusual, and most beautiful, longhorns you've ever seen. All colors.

And just down the street from me -- literally, maybe 2-3 miles -- is the Butler Longhorn Museum. Milby Butler was involved with helping to reestablish the breed, and the museum is just great.

Tom Parker said...

Grinning? These guys are just big kids with bigger toys. What we saw at the Horn Showcase was, as the owner said, the biggest longhorns ever seen in human history. They certainly weren't the scrawny longhorns I've seen in pastures in West Texas.