Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Friday, June 13, 2014

The first MCAC/Marysville Advocate Photo Walk: Masonic Lodge edition


Carol said...

Enjoyed your photos. Thought of you yesterday, but had spent the day photographing near Holton and did not come. The weather was delightful for a June adventure. Enjoyed your eye-hole photo best. Thanks for sharing.

Tom Parker said...

Thanks, Carol. You would have had a good time in Marysville, especially since the weather was so unlike what it normally is this time of year.

shoreacres said...

So much to enjoy here, but I especially liked the art deco patterns (looks like tile, perhaps? or stenciling?) and that last photo. The color's just perfect for a fan of teal, which I am.

I think those much be water stains which appear here to artistically. What fun you must have had!

Tom Parker said...

Linda, I could have made a series of dozens of photos just on water stains! And that tile--it was linoleum with a lovely art deco pattern--I wish they still made something like that. I'd seriously replace everything in the house with it.