Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Sunday, May 11, 2014

The Kansas White Way Car Run 2014: In Concordia and a trip to Dean Holbert's museum


Bud Simpson said...

Truly awesome stuff, Tom. It was great seeing you and Lori. We'll swing back around when we can have more time to swap lies.

I definitely need to get over to Concordia, too.

My Half-Tank images from Saturday are posted, and there is a link there to everything I was able to shoot as the convoy rolled into Wetmore and Goff.

Tom Parker said...

Bud, it was great seeing you and your wife again--even if I didn't recognize you (blush blush). I'll get the word out on the link--much appreciated! Sometime this summer let's go on a road trip together.

shoreacres said...

Wonderful photos! I especially enjoyed "In Rust We Trust", and that steer made of this-and-that.

There's one car I'd gladly take -- that shiny, rose-colored whatever. Just beautiful.

Tom Parker said...

The shiny rose-colored car was a Hudson, one of several vehicles that I lusted over. If I would have had to select one to take home with me, I'd still be waffling between then. We had a blast, and now to sleep for a few days...