Friday, April 11, 2014

Found object: former Goff nursing home


shoreacres said...

I swear that's a Revlon doll. I had one for years - Mom made all of her clothes, and she looked darn good when she headed off for shopping or a party.

It was strange. The older Mom got, the more insistent she was that I had to keep all of my dolls. She didn't play with them, but she had a big teddy bear that stayed on a chair in her bedroom.

Some bittersweet memories with this one.

Tom Parker said...

What was odd about the place was that so much of it was covered with mold and dust and plaster that had fallen from the ceiling, but the doll looked relatively clean, as if it had been had just lain down for a nap. It was kind of creepy and kind of mysterious and I wasn't sad to leave it behind.

So do you still have your dolls?

shoreacres said...

Nope. Once Mom was gone, so were the dolls. Of course, I may have to answer for the sacrilege in some future life, but for now, it's all good. (I do still have my red plastic building blocks. Nobody gets those.)

Tom Parker said...

Had to laugh at the building blocks. They might be useful someday to build a new life, but the dolls? Fluff.