Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Way We Worked Project made it to Sunflower Journeys!

Sunflower Journeys


shoreacres said...

What a wonderful program! I hope you're as proud of yourself as you have a right to be. Yes, of course people all up and down the line deserve accolades - not to mention the folks of Blue Rapids, who've gone right back to doing their thing - but your thing is pretty darned special.

I'm not sure there's anyone I'm more honored to know. You really are an inspiration.

Tom Parker said...

Jeez, Linda, I'm honored and touched. I was pleasantly surprised at how well Scott Williams did on the segment considered that he had to work with someone who absolutely hated to be photographed or filmed (me). I watched it when we had just walked in from a very long and trying day, and now want to watch it again when I'm not so tired. Hopefully it will be as good if not better than the first viewing.

Being an inspiration to others is an aspiration of mine, so it's nice to see I'm getting there.

Thanks for being who you are.