Saturday, June 01, 2013

Unexpected discoveries on the road: Council Grove and points south edition


Bud Simpson said...

Nice work, Tom. I have the felling that one day we'll just bump into each other out in the middle of nowhere.

Tom Parker said...

That would be my greatest discovery, and pleasure.

shoreacres said...

I'm dying, here. The captcha words are "gogo valiantly". Well, I guess so!

I've got to start keeping track of where I am, exactly, when I take my photos. I spent a good while last night trying to find a single grave in a maize field that I photographed when I was up there.

I think I have it now - I went south from Alma on 99, then west on highway 4 - the one with all the stone fences. The grave is between 99 and 177 on 4. I haven't even uploaded the photos yet, so I'll email one to you - but the stone is absolutely clear. The fellow was born in 1821, I remember that. And he's got a tree by his grave. Good stuff.

I do love that school. Have you ever been inside? It's wonderful.

Tom Parker said...

Never been inside the school. I'm with you, I often wish I had GPS embedded in the exif data so I could find the same spot again. Can't wait to see the pic!