Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Saturday, May 25, 2013

From Albuquerque to Santa Fe on the Roadrunner Express

 My parents, Audrey and Carl Parker. My dad was a P-51 pilot. Awesome.


Bud Simpson said...

Green with envy. That section was part of the Santa Fe - it turned south at La Junta, ran through Trinidad to the pass at Raton, to Santa Fe and a short trinket stop at Albuquerque before making the trip into L.A. Made that trip several times.

Tom Parker said...

It definitely made me want to take a train for a much longer excursion. We sat on the top floor and had great views of the Rio Grande Valley, the Sandias, Jemez, Ortiz and Pecos mountains. Next time we're in Albuquerque we'll do the route again.

Carol said...

Fun to see a photo of your parents, Tom!

Tom Parker said...

I was just messing around with the camera when I thought, hmmm, I ought to get a shot of my parents because none of us are getting any younger. I was surprised that the shot worked as well as it did.