Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Blue River Valley tractor run from Blue Rapids to the ghost town of Cleburne.

 Mrs. Spunaugle sitting on the step of the house she was born in.

 Dennis Hampl telling of Cleburne before the town was dismantled for Tuttle Creek Reservoir.


shoreacres said...

There are so many good photos here. I love the concept, for one thing - recording it must have been a lot of fun. That new photo in the header? A show-stopper. That deserves a double spread in a magazine somewhere. Honestly.

Despite the jackets, I believe I see a little bit of fresh green around the edges. Happy spring!

Tom Parker said...

A little green but still unseasonably cold. That didn't stop the ticks, though. Nor the tractors, the tractor drivers and your intrepid photographer who had a whale of a time.

Spring will be a lot happier when and if it gets here!