Sunday, January 13, 2013

Roc Day--a fiber celebration (extravaganza!)

 Alex Laughlin, shoe painter

 Shin-hee Chin

 Judy Scott, handmade jewelry

 Vernita Peeks, knitting tips and tricks

 Corsetry by Jen Horn

 Corsetry by Jen Horn

 Needle felting

 Fabric artistry by Shin-hee Chin

 German paper stars by Judy Hiatt

 Jay Rich, textile artist


Marcia said...

You have captured the creativity of the artists as well as their intensity and focus. Wish I could have been there.

Tom Parker said...

11 months, 29 days--there's time to prepare for the next Roc Day!

I appreciate the compliments--we had a whale of a time.

janina said...

Such wonderful images of an artsy craftsy day. I especially enjoy seeing Jay Rich's work, which would make a fabulous quilt or wall hanging. But, I must inform you, that Judy Scott is using a knitting nachine, not making jewellery; how do I know, I used to have such a machine too many years ago! A lovely post. PS: I'm also enamoured of some the images within your sidebar, and especially the shadow of a windvane on the roof of the shed.

Tom Parker said...

Janina -- Thanks for your kind comments. However, Judy was making jewelry with a knitting machine! I don't know how she does it but it looked fairly intricate.