Tuesday, July 03, 2012

 The view down Maple Street, Overbrook.

 Michigan Valley

Rattlesnake Hill and the approaching storm.


Carol said...

Glad you didn't "overlook Overbrook," Tom. I like Overbrook.

Max says "One Hundred Ten Mile Creek" has to do with someone (early troops?) coming west from Kansas City area back when creeks were getting names. The story is that the creek was that distance from their starting point.

No proof of that, mind you -- just a tale!

I like the name "Dragoon Creek." It feeds into Lake Pamona from the west.

Tom Parker said...

If Max is right there ought to be a sign to regale curious travelers with the tale. Nice to know. Also, Dragoon Creek, yes, what a fine name. Much better than the ubiquitous Elm, Deer, Deer, Elm and Elm-Deer creeks.