Friday, July 06, 2012

Opera House Follies dress rehearsal


shoreacres said...

What a great gallery of photos. My absolute favorite is the black and white of the three girls - that's just a classic.

I saw your temps today - I hope the Opera House has air conditioning, I hope that high pressure system finally starts to move and I hope you get some rain.

Tom Parker said...

We're approaching the hell mark on the outside thermometer but inside was cool. The girls did even better than during the rehearsal, too. What a treat!

Unknown said...

I attended this musical both nights, and am now working on a poster about kansas opera houses and this performance for my county 4-H fair. I was wondering if you would allow me to use a few of your pictures seen here for that poster. Your work is absolutely excellent, and I see that each picture has your name in the bottom corner, so you would certainly recieve credit for your work. I appreciate your time.

Tom Parker said...

Beth-- permission granted for one-time use only. Have fun.