Friday, April 06, 2012

The all-around town edition of the Way We Worked Project: Casey's General Store, Alcove Cattle Co. and the Blue Valley Nursing Home

 Annual tornado drill


 Tornado drill

 Annual fire extinguisher certification at the nursing home

 Shipment morning at Casey's


shoreacres said...

Casey's feels like home. There was one in Iowa, near Mom's house, and one near my aunt in Missouri. I love those stores - I wish we had them here.

And it's really good to see those tornado drills in the nursing home. REALLY good. We've already had too many reminders this spring why they're important.

As for the photos - I must say the expression in that calf's eye is marvelous. Caption: "Why are you just standing there? Stop him!"

Tom Parker said...

The tornado drill was utter chaos--timed chaos, actually, which is an interesting concept. There were three chaotic moments in the same day--delivery at Casey's, calf-vaccination at Alcove Cattle Co. and the tornado drill at the nursing home--enough to make any reasonably lazy photographer want to go home to a cold beer and a nap. Which I of course did.
I thought the calf's expression was poignant in this election year. Most of us recognize it from reflections in the bathroom mirror...

Carol said...

Stuff is stuff, Tom. Cherish Lori and enjoy your stuff on a daily basis. If the weather gets bad, grab Lori and take cover. If the two of you are safe at the end of the day, everything will be okay.

My story is part of what Bonar Menninger wrote in AND HELL FOLLOWED WITH IT, about the '66 Topeka tornado.

Tom Parker said...

Carol -- Stuff is indeed stuff but hard drives filled with a life's worth of photographs and writing are more than stuff. Hence my methodical preparation and redundancy in backups. But you're right--people first, everything else second, given the necessity for emergency spelunking.