Friday, March 09, 2012

The Way We Worked Project: It's about the place, it's about the people


shoreacres said...

These just have to be seen in the larger format. They're so - ordinary. And that's what makes them so evocative.

It's an interesting set, because it shows so clearly that human presence can linger in a place even when there's no human being visible!

Empty isn't the same as abandoned.

Tom Parker said...

In a larger format they're stunning. The project guidelines were to print out 100 of the best images at 8x10--but now I'm thinking 8x10 is going to be way too small.

The problem is finding the funds to have them matted and framed, a price unfortunately not included in the grant. I'm not sure what we're going to do yet.

What I find fascinating is the sheer diversity of jobs in our small prairie town. I mean, it's something I was cognizant of but only peripherally. This project is going to show them in their entirety and unity. I can't wait to see it finished!

Mike Cranston said...

Oh my gosh Tom, I love those pictures. So much feelings, nothing appears to be posed either. You keep making me want to move to Kansas more and more. Are these from the Blue Rapids area? You can see the "realty" in each picture.

Tom Parker said...

Nothing staged, Matt--this is what we do here in BR.