Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In the long shadow of Jim Richardson, Cuba explorations

 Cuba Cash Store owner Dale Huncovsky with grandchildren


Bud Simpson said...

Nicely done, Tom. My kind of town.

Tom Parker said...

We both loved Cuba and the friendly people, can't wait to return for more of the same.

TodMegredy said...

Beautiful work, Tom. Jim presented his Cuba work in Kansas City in the '80s. I've never seen a room full of photographers laugh and cry at the same time.

Tom Parker said...

I was familiar with some of his work, but the extension collections of photographs documenting the town's people blew me away. It almost made me want to hang up my cameras and seek some other line of work. Instead, I decided that when I grow up, I want to be Jim Richardson.

shoreacres said...

Well, now we know what they did with the yellow brick road when they tore it up to make way for a strip mall - they built that building! Wonderful!

I'm especially fond of the prams and the newspaper reading couple. Well, and the black and white roller skates. All of the skates, as a matter of fact.

The last time I skated was at Winnwood in KC. It wasn't my high school roller rink!

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- The skates were a real find for me. While everybody was oohing and aching over the upper floor of the town hall, I was on my belly shooting the skates in a small back storage room. Loved them, went back for a second helping later in the day.

The stone building was the original bank vault, I understand.

Now I want to go back, have some more of that fried chicken and more serendipitous encounters.