Sunday, March 04, 2012

Critical view: Pioneer Bluffs, Matfield Green


s said...

Jackalopes! With Mardi Gras beads! What a hoot.

This is a great series - love'em all. Have you been to Matfield Green before? Why does that name seem so familiar? Maybe I've been there, and don't remember it. It's time for some research!

You know I'm always compelled to tell you which is my fav, but this time I can't. I like all of these, for different reasons. Well done!

Tom Parker said...
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Tom Parker said...

Matfield Green is about 17 miles south of Cottonwood Falls in Chase County. I can easily imagine a photo walk there sometime, with the old houses, the rust, the bar's parking lot paved with old bottle caps and, of course, the jackalopes with Mardi Gras bling.

This was our third or fourth visit to Matfield Green, but someday I'd like to spend a half day wandering every crooked and meandering street in town.

Thanks for coming along the ride!

shoreacres said...

Oh! Somehow Blogger decided my new handle should be "s". That's me. ;)

Tom Parker said...

Blogger is being googlish today, I hear. And not in a good way.