Friday, March 02, 2012

Cottonwood Falls finds


shoreacres said...

Of course you know I'm curious about that second photo. Weaving? Caning? It looks rather like thread. As is so often the case, it's pleasing even without knowing what it is. And the stairway photos are especially good.

Now, as for that cockatiel... Long ago and far away, there was one in my life, named Nikki. He could whistle Yankee Doodle, and he loved to spread out his wings as far as he could and scream, "I'm an eagle!"

I loved that bird. Unfortunately, he had a pechant for walking rather than flying. We kept telling him it was doing to be the death of him, and - well, it was. Sad story, but great memories!

Tom Parker said...

The second photo was is of a weaving in progress. Thread, in other words. Good guess. The cockatiel was the most personable bird I've ever met, and really took a shine to Lori. It whistled, it wharstled, it chattered and chuttered and clicked and clacked and tattled Lori all sorts of mysterious things. I wanted to take him home with us!