Sunday, February 19, 2012

Way We Worked Project: Hometown Foods edition

 Karen Wachsnicht arrives early each morning to bake cookies and prepare the lunch menu.

 Subway manager Megan Metcalf preparing loaves of bread.

Doug Springer, Hometown Foods' in-house meat cutter, sawing soup bones.

Manager Steve Gaydusek, aka "Gator," at the helm.


cheryl said...

Great stuff here, Tom.

Tom Parker said...

Thanks, Cheryl. We're having fun up here.

shoreacres said...

What's so pathetic is that, if we turned Congress loose in these kitchens, we still wouldn't have a sandwich.

It really is amazing to stop and think of millions of people, doing these millions of jobs.

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- If Congress adjourned to the kitchen to create a sandwich, they would do a very good job of it. You really should give them more credit. Of course, it would be a shit sandwich, and the bread would be moldy, and instead of honey-roasted ham there would be a flesh-colored hunk of Spam, and the onions would be freeze-dried flakes and the ketchup made by Shurfine rather than Heinz.

But yeah, all those millions of people making America what it is. Too bad Congress couldn't follow their lead and do something worthwhile.