Thursday, February 09, 2012

First day: The Way We Worked, a project funded by the Kansas Humanities Council and the Blue Rapids Historical Society

City superintendent Dave Sanner clears drainage channels at the sewage ponds.

Perennials being planted at the Blue Rapids Greenhouse.

Blue Rapids Green house owner Jan Bergkamp multitasking as the planting season kicks into high gear.

Seeds. Lots of seeds. 

Beverly Huff planting geraniums. 

City crew workers reconstructing splash guards on outlet channels at the sewage ponds.

City crew member Steve Carlson.

Jim Flower and Dave Sanner at the sewage ponds outside of Blue Rapids.

Jim Flower replacing rusted valves in an outlet of the sewage ponds.

Amber Kelso (R) hands pots of planting soil (aka dirt) to Molly Bergkamp at the BR Greenhouse.

Molly Bergkamp (R) watches Amber Kelso wheel in a platform used for transporting pots of dirt.

Marj Lockhart, former owner of the BR Greenhouse, is still going strong as part of the planting crew.

The planting crew at work planting geraniums.


shoreacres said...

I have an overwhelming urge to move back to a small town. I'm tired of being surrounded by "slick".

Tom Parker said...

You're welcome here! The only things slick around these parts are the roads when it rains, but some are better than others.