Friday, December 02, 2011

Sue and Keith Jones, with my wife, Lori


shoreacres said...

These photos capture a little of what I felt when I found the first patch of unbroken prairie on my trip north. Later, there was White Cloud, and the disappeared Poplar Hill.

I've not read "View from the Edge of Now" yet, but I already expect to be reminded of conversations I had with the Minnesota woman whose family owns what they call a "Century Farm" - land that has been worked and held by the same family in an unbroken chain since the first family members arrived to homestead.

Sometimes I have a hard time finding the right word to respond to your photography. How about this time we try, "Vibrant and evocative"?

Tom Parker said...

Wow--and thanks, Linda. What still amazes me is the wealth of history this little patch of prairie holds. Mountain men wandered these creeks and ridges, and of course the Oregon Trail crossed the Big Blue eight miles north of us. A southern branch of the Mormon Trail came up out of Ft. Riley just to the west of us. So much history and still so (to coin a phrase) vibrant and evocative.