Thursday, September 08, 2011

Power plant redux: the short version


shoreacres said...

This is a great series! I can't pick a fav - each of them has something to commend it.

I just heard about the massive power failure in San Diego. Maybe they need one of those "start/run/stop" gizmos. ;-)

Tom Parker said...

Unfortunately, I was only allowed access for about 20 minutes. I needed about five hours to get the feel of the place. Dang it, I'll try to get back in next month.

I was thinking that I needed a start/run/stop gizmo!

Bud Simpson said...

Good stuff, Tom. The "Start-Run-Stop" control reminds me of the Commando Cody Republic cliffhanger serials from the early '50s.

They had figured out to make a Rocket Suit, but had to rely on analog dials for "Up-Down-Fast-Slow".

See also: Radar Men from the Moon