Sunday, June 12, 2011

Spring Creek School dedication and a visit to the old Shehi homestead

Elsie Shehi Bock in front of the home she was born in.

Elsie Bock was nine years old the last time she sat on this porch. Thanks to the generosity of the current owner, family members were allowed to visit and tour the homestead. 


shoreacres said...

Your first photo is scrumptious. It feels like one of those heavy, midwestern nights under a hazy moon.

And Elsie Bock looks very happy. I'm glad - I went back to my grandparents' home in Iowa once, and was chagrined by the changes. Even worse was the attitude of the family - when I told them I'd grown up on that front porch, they didn't care one bit. May their roof leak and their well run dry.... ;-)

cheryl said...

Tom - I LOVE that shot of the (soda fountain?) stools and the tile floor.

Tom Parker said...

Cheryl -- I found that at Second Street in Frankfort, where we went after the reunion. I'd always wanted to shoot it but the place was always filled with people; we hit it between rushes, which was fortunate.