Sunday, May 29, 2011

First-time second-shooter, Dustin & Jordan Greenemeyer's wedding--a good time was had by all (and I learned a whole lot!)


Jenni said...

Great shots! Of course those with the elevator in the background are my favorites.

I'm really uncomfortable shooting people. (Even with a camera.) There is no way I would ever want to be a wedding photographer, but I did take my camera along to a wedding last fall, stayed well out of the professionals' way, and wound up with some great candid shots. I made them into a photo book and sent it as a a surprise to the couple, and they were very pleased. That's the way I like it: no commitment, no expectations, nice surprise if the photos turn out. I told my SIL I would be a second for her wedding this September, too, since the main photographer is one of the groomsmen. It's a very small wedding (30 guests), but even that makes me nervous. Flowers and old barns never complain about how they look or your lack of expertise.

shoreacres said...

Love the black and whites with the elevator, and the lovely portrait with the lavender roses. Well, and the one of the bride and her dad.

But I like the new pic in your header best.

Tom Parker said...

Jenni -- Agreed, barns and buildings aren't finicky like people can be. If not for my partner I'd have run screaming from the wedding. As it was, not bad. Kind of fun. But that's because I didn't have the pressure to perform. Good luck with the wedding--you'll do fine.