Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

A flower for Ilda: 1915–2011


shoreacres said...

A lovely tribute. It's rare indeed to see someone born before my mother, whose year was 1918. I'm sure she's smiling at that Kansas sunflower.

Tom Parker said...

Thanks, Linda. Her life is undoubtedly much better now than it was in the nursing home. She was the last grandmother alive in Lori and my respective families, so it was something of a passing of the torch. I thought a nice sunflower appropriate somehow.

wildprairie said...

My Grandfather would be touched that you honored his wife. Thank you.

Audrey Parker said...

I had the pleasure of meeting Ilda several years ago when she was in Albuquerque. I immediately liked her, and we had a long conversation about family and genealogy. And several years later I got to visit her home. She was a very nice lady and will be missed.