Friday, January 07, 2011

Marysville's Doll Museum--not just for girls!

Okay, I admit, my wife dragged me into the museum. I've never had dolls nor wished for any and I'm not about to start a collection now, but this place was fascinating. Not just for the dolls themselves, many which dated back to the 1700s, but for the displays themselves. Each setting placed the doll into a historical context that was large on atmosphere and moodiness. The place was alive with light and shadows and textures and colors. I could have stayed all day and got many more shots if I'd had the time. 
Personally, I can't wait to return. The museum is open by appointment only; contact number is 785-562-3029 or 785-562-3103. It's located across the street from the historic Koester House Museum, also well worth a visit. 
Note: cameras are technically not allowed so be sure to ask permission before tripping the shutter.
I don't care if Arnold Schwarzenegger considers me a "girly-man," I loved the place.


Bud Simpson said...

Wow. That red-framed marionette tableau feels like a real moment in time. It definitely feels like they've all stopped what they were doing to watch you watching them. Fantastic.

shoreacres said...

I've never been much for dolls, even when I was younger. I sold all of mine just this past year. But don't touch my red plastic building blocks - I may take those to the grave with me!

What does tickle me is something I just realized about your new header photo. I recognized it, of course, but it's taken me a few days to realize what a great image it is for the new year - there's no old baggage sitting around to be toted!