Sunday, January 30, 2011

Kansas Day 150--from historical reenactors to a rocking, jivin' concert

 Celia Ison at the original Clay Center power station

 Kevin Brown

 How the day began...

Teresa Shadle and Mathias Shadle 

 A hanging jury...

Mike Miller

 Kathy Miller

Mandy Cook 

 Marco Cassone, M-Pact

Jeff Smith, M-Pact


shoreacres said...

Oh! That pic of the woman halfway through the barn window (?) is just priceless. I really like that.

And the kitty... My first response was, "Awwwwwwwww..... What a beautiful shot." My second response was, "How the heck did that get in here? How did it even get taken?"

That's a good photo. I've got that one bookmarked.

Tom Parker said...

I believe the lady hanging out the barn window said something to the effect of "I'll kill you if you take my picture," so of course I had to.
The cat, well, I wanted to show my sensitive side, the one that says I can shoot cats with things other than shotguns. So there.