Sunday, January 30, 2011

A few more from Kansas' 150th birthday extravaganza

 Sarah Kessinger in the hot seat

 Julie Popejoy and Bretta Bloomberg on the cello

 Brian Cook 

 Mandy Cook with Julie Popejoy and Pat Breeding

 Clay County Courthouse

 Marco Cassone, M-Pact

 Travis Panning and ensemble

 Fellow Nikon shooter and all around great guy Jeff Heidel

 M-Pact rocked the Moose Lodge in Marysville for three incredible, mindblowing concerts

 Pat Breeding, Marshall County Arts Cooperative

 Trist Curless, M-Pact, with a voice so low it can only be described as subsonic

 Morten Kier, M-Pact

 Fletcher Sheridan, M-Pact

 Jenn Thayer-Wood serenaded by Brian Cook, Travis Panning and Wayne Kruse

 Carla Wolfe and Wayne Kruse

 Jarrett Johnson, M-Pact

Kevin Brown


shoreacres said...

Did you custom order that sky, for the courthouse photo? Beautiful.

I do love the old courthouses. We've got some splendid ones here in Texas. Did you ever hear the story of the one in my hometown? The Jasper County Courthouse in Newton, Iowa, decorated with so many lights at Christmas that airline pilots would divert from their flight paths to let folks see it from the air. We were right proud. ;-)

Tom Parker said...

The sky was indeed custom ordered. Usually my orders get lost in transit but this one was delivered right on time. Should have bought a lotto ticket.