Wednesday, November 10, 2010



shoreacres said...

I didn't even need to google this one.

Bill Allen Chevrolet - Kansas City, Missouri.

It just has to be. My Uncle's favorite dealership ;-)

Tom Parker said...


Wes said...

I remember we also had a 1959 Chevrolet station wagon while growing up. It was a beauty, and I seem to recall it was blue and white. I always loved that year model of the Impala. It's a shame that one is rusting away. I'm sure it gave some folks a real thrill, though, when new. (I also remember getting a good spanking because of that car, also, but that's another story.)

Tom Parker said...

Wes -- Can't remember that car; guess I was too young. I'd love to know more about your spanking, though. I'm positive it was richly deserved!