Thursday, November 11, 2010

Our veterans

Don Toburen (L) and Mark Rowe

Liz and Mel Bartz

Vic Stanley

Bill Barrington

Richard Coleman

Lyle Brooks

Bruce Mills

Howard Miller

Harold Sutton

Glenn Claycamp

Carroll Whiting

John Stryker

Phil Osborne

Larry Bishop


Reece said...

Tom - Beautiful and meaningful photographs. Very well done. Veteran's Day kind of had a more profound impact than usual because of a book I'm reading, "Final Salute", about the soldiers whose job it is to nofify the next of kin of those who have died in combat, and the relationships they form with the families. The vets in your photographs were definitely the fortunate ones.

Tom Parker said...

Reece -- Thanks. I wanted to photograph all the vets at the parade but it was mostly organized chaos so I grabbed as many as I could. I felt humbled and honored to be able to take their portraits. Thankfully it was heavily clouded and right at dusk, so the light was perfect. These were, indeed, the fortunate ones.

Carol said...

Love the Vet photos, Tom! Bless 'em.