Thursday, September 09, 2010

On the road again and all that...


Cheryl said...

I'm not counting on the W-ter.

Tom Parker said...

Good thinking. The economy has hit this place hard--though it was an economy three or decades ago. Now there's no water, no cows, no people, no tourists, no nothing. Well, grass, and a few isolate trees and cactus, and lots of wind and wide open sky. Sort of like the Flint Hills only drier and even less populated.

shoreacres said...

Left you a comment earlier but the system was wonky and wouldn't take it. Unfortunately, I'm never able to replicate my truly clever responses, so I'll just say:

I love the rabbit.
I stayed in a teepee motel once.
I love the rabbit.
I figured out the stylized Route 66 marker is supposed to be a tailfin
Did I say I love the rabbit?

Just great.

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- The rabbit was on the side of a swimming pool, which explains the goggles. Very official looking rabbit, however! The Route 66 marker does indeed replicate a tail fin.