Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Thursday, September 23, 2010


Jenni said...

I love both of these photos. The top one makes me think of a spot I photographed while in California. It was a lone tree on a rock outcropping, shot from a neighboring mound of boulders, but still very far away. I want a do-over with my new lens:o) What is the second photo? Just an interesting rock and stick or has that rock been carved into by something other than nature? Either way, I like the composition, the black and white treatment, and the "P" for Parker.

Tom Parker said...

Jenni -- Wow, I hadn't noticed that the stick and the sand mound made a P. Cool! By the time we got off the mesa and almost back to the truck I gave up trying to capture the big scene and started working on small details, like the patterns and textures in the sand. I have a whole series of images I'm working on that will work only as a triptych or something similar. I'll post them when I get them to my satisfaction. Thanks for pointing out the obvious!

Carol said...

I see an eye. A big, heavy eye of sand and wood. Love it.!