Thursday, August 26, 2010

The oldest church in Colorado, Conejos County

Depot, Cumbres Pass, Colorado

Depot, Chama, N.M.


Bud Simpson said...

Conejos County? Rabbits?

I love the depot - quaint, archaic - with a huge CCTV camera on the front.

I'm itching for the Mountain West.

Tom Parker said...

Conejos -- yes, rabbits! No wonder the place resonates so deeply! The Chama depot was fabulous. What was great is that visitors can wander all over the place, down the tracks, through the cars, everywhere. I felt my best images captured during the trip were at the depot. I loved the place. Hope you get away to the mountains--we're scheduled for New Mexico in a few weeks. Can't wait.

Bud Simpson said...

Tom, no Western Swing for us, I'm afraid. We're stuck in the Flyover for the foreseeable future.

Tom Parker said...

Le Grand Conejos -- Sorry to hear that. We're heading down to a family reunion and lots of good Mexican food. I'll send some pics to warm your heart. Hang in there!

Bud Simpson said...

Fantastic. You'll get there right at the peak of Hatch Chili season and a hint fall will be in the air.

Wait a minute ... ¿Le Grand Conejos? You may have created an international incident.

Tom Parker said...

LGL -- I prefer to think of it as multicultural awareness. As for Hatch chiles--that's with an e, mind you, I intend to bring back a freezer full. Stock up for the long winter... Yesssssssssssssss.