Sunday, August 29, 2010

Hollenberg Pony Express Station 150th Anniversary hoedown

Regan Douglas, Weeping Water, Neb., rolling the hoop

Nap time

Jim Sylvester, Clay Center

Cowboy up


Suzanne said...

The portrait of Jim Sylvester is one of the strongest images I've see in a long time. The color, the reflection in his glasses, I love everything about it. That photo is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

How did you do that? Those top four look more like paintings than photographs. Is this your new gizmo? Perfect conditions? Consummate skill?

Honest to goodness - the hoop and naptime look like Manets, perhaps. Even better, they look like they were taken "then", not "now".


Tom Parker said...

Suzanne -- Thanks for the compliment. Jim's face is as weathered as an old barn. I hope to do more work with him. What a find!

Linda -- You came in as anonymous because of a screw-up of mine, so I apologize. But yes, the images were taken with the new camera. And the post-processing really brings out the resolution and detail. It's tough finding things to shoot at most festivals but today I got lucky. Thanks for commenting.