Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Monday, July 19, 2010

This makes, what, seven? Eight? Fire strikes Hanover once again...


shoreacres said...

I did my usual snooping but couldn't find much re: the fires. I hope they get whoever's behind them soon - I'm presuming no one thinks all this is accidental. Has anyone been hurt, yet?

The second photos great. A curious question from someone who doesn't know the technical aspect of photography - were you by any chance using the same lens you used for that wonderful pic of the lone cabin out under the sky? The sky and clouds have the same look about them - I'm too lazy to dig through the archives to find the photo or what you told me then.

Believe it or not, I've got a photo essay up. Gosh, it's a lot of work to mess with all those photos! LOL

ps - my verification word tonight is "incenza". Hmmmm... related to incendiary? ;)

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- Different lens, same post-processing treatment. (Okay, a little different--my vision is constantly evolving.) I call it tone mapping, though others refer to it as HDR, or high dynamic range. Most HDR images are wildly overdone and have a plasticy feel to them. I like to think mine are more subtle... ;-)
Also, no one hurt yet though three houses have burned down, one abandoned hardware store, one garage and now this business. I think I'm missing one or two but my mind is blank. All arson though they're still investigating this latest one.

cheryl said...

Kind of creepy to have an arsonist in the neighborhood. Hope they catch him/her soon.

Tom Parker said...

Cheryl -- According to the state fire marshall, witnesses saw suspicious activity and law enforcement officials are questioning several suspects. That's the first hopeful news in over a year. The arsons began in March 2009. I believe this is the eighth but it might be the ninth. Scary, yes—and someone is going to get killed if it keeps up.