Friday, July 23, 2010

Southward with William Least Heat-Moon: Chase County


Jenni said...

Mountain goat hunts in Chase County? I love the second photo, and it's the type I'm usually drawn to among your photos. It's the vivid colors of the Coca Cola mural that are really blowing me away today, though. Whatever you did to punch it up, it's perfect.

shoreacres said...

William Least Heat-Moon. One of my favorites. I may drag out Prairy Erth again.

What is that critter on the wall? That's no buffalo - at least not the kind I've ever seen. It looks more like a nilgai. Or is it a buffalo with fake horns? I'm bumfuzzled!

(Of course, I'm the one who once was persuaded to go fetch the flounder decoys.... One of these days I'll tell that one. If I can get over my embarassment.)

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- Supposedly a mountain goat, though like none I've seen. It's a local joke, I understand, and more famous than the bar at Matfield Green. Met Heat-Moon yesterday, had a great time except for the excessive heat and humidity. I'm going to re-read "PrairyErth" again, too. What a book!
Jenni -- Thanks--the sign caught my eye and I nailed it. Those old advertisements on brick walls are a vanishing part of America, and more's the shame.