Friday, July 16, 2010

My good friend, Duane Durst, director of Hollenberg Pony Express Station State Historical Site

South of Bremen, Kansas


k said...

Wow . . . the portrait is stunning. I do love photographs of people who have faces that have been lived in and a story to tell. They're all great.

Tom Parker said...

Kim -- Thanks. Duane's face is weathered to leather but his eyes are always stunningly blue and he's always smiling. A great guy. It's hard taking a bad photo of him, actually!

shoreacres said...

Mr. Durst's portrait reminds me of - are you ready? - Georgia O'Keeffe. I think it's the combination of the black clothing and the absolutely straightforward gaze. I suspect the two of them would have gotten along famously.

My favorite O'Keeffe stories are all from her time in Texas, when she was younger. But that's not really saying much, because all O'Keeffe stories are good.

Of the three photos, I do prefer the last. You've just had some great skies to work with recently.

Tom Parker said...

O'Keefe -- yes, the same aged-to-perfection texture!