Sunday, July 25, 2010

The benediction of Cheryl Unruh

You must know this about Cheryl Unruh: She's a crazy-gifted writer and a damn good photographer in her own right who is never without her small P&S (point and shoot, not what you think) camera. And at every meal-away-from-home, before nary a bite is nibbled or even contemplated, Cheryl first hauls out her camera, composes an image, and fires the shutter.
Always. Without fail. Or else...
At a delightful luncheon at Emma Chase Cafe in Cottonwood Falls, Dave Leiker, her husband, Jack Casner, a friend, character and photographer from KC, and Lori and I waited for Cheryl to perform her obligations. Dave cautioned us that this was mandatory. That no matter how starved a person might be, sampling before Cheryl's shooting was not only irresponsible behavior but could be considered unethical and perhaps even dangerous.
I had just picked up my burger when I realized my mistake. I quickly set it down, scoonched a few french fries over and in general tidied up the plate to restore it to its virginal state.
Cheryl didn't even blink.
"It doesn't work if someone takes a bite first?" I asked.
"Of course not," she said.
I felt like an idiot.
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shoreacres said...

Can you believe it? My memory isn't completely gone. I was sitting here looking through brochures and came upon one for the Emma Chase Café. I kept thinking.... where...have...I...heard...

Google to the rescue! It was all of you folks, having lunch. Never made it to Cottonwood Falls - next time!

Tom Parker said...

And should you ever again grace Kansas with your presence, we'll join you!