Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Monday, June 07, 2010

Out and about: rural Haddam edition


Bud Simpson said...

Wow, Tom. That Gremlin image is pure poetry.

Unknown said...


Bus shot looks like Central America. Tree reminds me of tree with tourniquet and old man's complexion. Thank you for the luscious images.


- Dan said...


Jenni said...

I thought the bus shot looked like Central or South America, too. It reminded me of a scene from a movie. Maybe Romancing the Stone?

cheryl said...

Great photos, Tom!

But mostly right now I'm thinking about you and Lori and all the craziness up in Blue Rapids. Glad they got the bad guy, but it must've been a wild night.

Tom Parker said...

Crazy night indeed. No sleep, exhausted, still working on the story. I managed a night shot of a KBI officer working the crime scene at ISO 10,000. Great fun. Gunfights and house assaults in little old Blue Rapids. Who'd a thunk?