Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road trip to Axtell for the twice-per-year Mass at St. Bridget

Mass at St. Bridget Catholic Church, rural Axtell

Kristin Throckmorton rings the bell at St. Bridget Catholic church while her daughter, Delaney, looks on


- Dan said...

Beautiful. The bell-ringing picture could be in National Geographic. You need to submit some of your work to the. Seriously.

Tom Parker said...

Thanks, Dan. The bell-ringer turned out better than I thought it would since it was basically a snapshot. In every frame but one (eight altogether, I believe) the little girl was looking at me. The killer was when she turned to look at her mother. And that light! Gorgeous.

shoreacres said...

More information's needed here! Why only twice a year? Is the church a historic landmark? It certainly looks in great shape for a chuch without an active congregation.

I guess it's time to visit uncle google. The photos are terrific - especially that bell ringer. I do like the door shot, too. There's just "something" about it - harsh and sad at the same time.

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- The church has been closed since 1967. It still holds Mass twice a year and has services for funerals, I believe. It's now overseen by the St. Bridget Historical Society.

Carol said...

Greatly enjoyed your church photos. I'm with the others in particularly enjoying the bell-ringer. Glad you were there snappin'. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures of St. Bridget Church. I am a great-great grandson of the family who owned the property the church sits on. My of my family are laid to rest just down the road in the cemetery. Thanks for sharing.