Friday, May 28, 2010

Peony No. 42


shoreacres said...

My mom and grandma had peonies. Grandma called them "pi-nees". I loved to watch the big, black ants "open" them.

I miss lilacs and peonies and forsythia and lily of the valley and tulips. And pussy willow and flowering almond. And hollyhocks.

All we've got right now are oleander. Did you know that's the state flower of Minnesota? Yup. Ole Ander. :-)

Tom Parker said...

Linda--I never much cared for peonies because of their extravagant nature but now I find them fascinating. Big blooms, heavy scent, and a death that's nothing short of gloriously indulgent. We should learn from them.

Wes said...

Tom, beautiful photo!!!