Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Day two: Lamar, Colorado to Cortez, Colorado


Bud Simpson said...

Green with envy.

Is it possible you missed the "Moonglow" tavern on your way through Walsenburg?

Scott said...

Wow, love the two black and white shots in this posting. The first shot is really great, love the way the roots lead you right into the shot. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

You had better not be climbing too close to those cliffs. ..... Your wife

Tom Parker said...

Le Grand Lapin -- Missed the tavern but got the service stations. We had a mobile tavern, actually, filled with camera gear, three crotchety geezers and an ice chest full of beer. Don't need much else.

Tom Parker said...

Lori -- I'm trying to keep away from sheer drop-offs because Chod keeps eyeing my camera and I think he wants to kick me over the edge. Don't worry, though: I won't let go of the camera.
I count the hours and minutes until we're together again.

shoreacres said...

Sandi's Service and Rambler Service are great, but that leaning building is just a stitch. It looks like it wants to be singing, "Show me the way to go home....." A tipsy building, drunk on sunshine. ;-)