Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day one, codgernautical expotition to the West

Chivington, Colorado

Sand Creek Massacre site, southern Colorado

Sand Creek Massacre site

Cheyenne Wells, Colorado

Wallace, Kansas

Wallace, Kansas


shoreacres said...


That's one of the best words ever!

Hmmm... really like the one with the "Pecos" inscription, but more for the memories than the photo (although the photo's quite nice).

If you were farther south, you could travel the trans-Pecos. There ain't nobody home out that-a-way, 'specially when you're in the process of learning about the importance of timing belts.

But I did get to learn that some truckers are very nice. And that you always should carry water in the car for drinking. Luckily, I had some for the battery.

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- Yep, the trans-Pecos is nowhere to break down in. Sounds like you had a real adventure. We're having a real adventure now. So tired I can barely move.