Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day five: Bisti/De-Na-Zin Wilderness, Aztec and environs

The codgernauts at the end of the world


Jenni said...

All that magnificent scenery, yet the second photo is my favorite. Why do I love old windows and doors so much?

shoreacres said...

Really interesting. I'd never heard of this place. When I looked it up, I had to smile - lots of references to gravel roads and roads that can become "difficult or impassible" in bad weather.

A little bit of home, eh?

Tom Parker said...

Jenni -- I saw that window and had to shoot it. Some things have universal interest and that called to me. I'm glad you liked it.
Linda -- A little bit of home--this was my old stomping grounds in some ways, but where much of rural Kansas contains roads both difficult or impassable when wet, at least they pretty much adhere to a grid. Out here there are few roads and most are not well marked once you leave pavement. I'd hate to have to discover the importance of, say, timing belts out here.

Dede said...

Wow--the sun is still shinning somewhere! The gloom of winter has continued here in Northeast Kansas. I would say we have had cloudy dreary days except for about three since spring arrived! It is nice to escape to a dryer brighter climate! Thanks for the break--I needed it.

Tom Parker said...

Dede -- With a humidity reading of about ten percent, you could say this place was definitely drier than Kansas. The sky was clear and bluer than blue, with a few light puffy clouds to add detail. Looking at a long-range forecast for Kansas, I'd say we're bringing better weather with is. Send cash donations, please.

Laurel Johnson said...

What wonderful wilderness photos. I'll never visit this place or the ancient village of day four, so will have to see these places vicariously through your photos.