Sunset bison

Sunset bison

Friday, March 05, 2010

Vernal Equinox Project: Day 64


Jenni said...

I LOVE the first photo. Something about the composition of the third photo is very appealing, too. I think it's that slice of blue sky (just the right angle) against the rusty red trash can (?) and red brick wall. The texture in the fourth photo is very nice. The rusty color of the hinges pops against the subtle shading of greys, and I like the contrast in texture of smooth(ish) metal next to weathered wood and furry moss.

Tom Parker said...

Jenni -- Thanks for the compliments. I stayed at that old place for an extra hour hoping for a spectacular sunset and it never materialized. Oh, well, I'll try agains sometime. The red trashcan-looking thingie is a stove of some kind with an excellent colorful patina of rust. What surprised me is all the moss -- it was everywhere, some deep green and others the colors of the fieriest autumn. At times I felt as if I were walking on a deep, luxurious carpet. Weird.

shoreacres said...

I rarely have titles pop into mind for photos, but "Unhinged" is obvious.

Just out of curiosity - are you longing for this to be over? I'm really surprised how eager I am for it to be over! When I decided to keep up with the project, I had no idea it would affect me the way it has. I'm SO READY for you to have springtime!

It truly is a different experience to look at the photos every single day instead of just "dropping in".

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- I told Lori that if I decide to extend the project to the autumnal equinox, she is to promptly and forthwith execute me. The project has been fun for the most part and a pain-in-the-ass at other times but mostly a lot of time that I could have used--I almost wrote 'better' but that's not the right word. Differently, I'll say. I'm looking forward to its demise. After that, I intend to snap away almost every day but without the pressure of having been committed.
Spring is here, Linda! It just isn't green yet...