Saturday, March 27, 2010

Vermillion doorway


shoreacres said...

OK, my first thought was, "This is the world's largest outhouse." Then I thought, "Why DID they have those moons?"

Turns out that it goes back to colonial times. The crescent moon was the symbol for the ladies' facilities and the star was for men. Gives a whole new meaning to the lyrics, "The stars at night are big and bright... deep in the heart of Texas" ;-)

I'm behind on my looking and I still haven't picked a fav. I'd better get at it.

Tom Parker said...

And my first thought as I stood there in a cold drizzly rain was that the door was repurposed from a defunct outhouse, something often done here in these prairie hinterlands. On reflection I decided I really had no idea why a black door with a painted crescent moon would serve as the main entrance to what appeared to a mechanic's shop. Curious and curiouser.

shoreacres said...

Well, ok. I've made my choices. There's just no way to make ONE choice.... But I've ordered them, anyhow.

1. Day 13, January 13. The rabbit, on top of the cairn. The shock I felt when I saw the photo wasn't due so much to the image itself, as to the story. I didn't know which rabbit I was looking at. Not sure I do, even yet.

So, it's a vote not just for an image, but for a photograph's ability to carry an entire world on its shoulders. Wonderful.

2. The bank safe, on Day 20. The one with the perfect lighting. It's a beautiful representation of what you did for us, allowing us to open a new drawer every day, and see what treasure was inside.

3. The teal door in the stone building, on Day 19. Of all the beauties you produced, this one is a favorite. The snow seems to be flowing out of the building, carrying the color with it. If the cairn was weighted down with association, this one has no associations at all. It simply is, texture and color. And that's another side of photography.