Monday, March 22, 2010

Rural study No. 459


shoreacres said...

Oh, my gosh. That third photo, with the barn or shed, and the light on the snow, and the sky and the side of the building...

If that was a watercolor it would be an Andrew Wyeth. Don't you think?

You've got a couple that reminded me of Edward Hopper, too. I need to dig back through and find them.

Tom Parker said...

Linda -- Had a little fun with that one, yeah. Soft and moody. I saw that barn shining in the sun from miles away and took a detour to find it. The road was blocked with two-foot drifts so I walked the quarter-mile to the barn to shoot it. Sweet, and very cold, but meadowlarks were singing so it made spring seem even nearer. Good luck with your selection!