Thursday, February 04, 2010

Mountainair, New Mexico


shoreacres said...

I could get lost in that first photo - the colors, the composition, the patterns and textures. I keep thinking I've found my favorite of the series, but obviously I should wait until it's completed ;-) This one's great.

As for the second photo... that dude looks like I feel. I need some working weather bad... and seeing the sun wouldn't be too bad, either.

Tom Parker said...

The Shaffer Hotel is really cool and sports a brace of swastikas in the architecture. Not the Nazi emphasis but the Amerindian one. Around a large green area on the side of the hotel the owner built a rock fence with fantastic faces, figurines and beasts, all using rocks. The place is for sale and I often fantasize about buying it and opening a gallery, making the town an artist retreat. Dealing with other artists might pose insurmountable challenges because they're usually a tetchy lot. As I age I'm losing my tolerance toward whiners and idiots. Long reply but I can always blame the wine and the relentless winter.

- Dan said...

That town looks lame. If I were you I'd never leave Kansas!! ;-)

Tom Parker said...

Now, now, Dan, my images only tell part of the story. I should have taken a shot of the smothered green chile breakfast burritos at the local cafe, or the vanilla malt from the soda fountain, or the view of the Manzano Mountains from main street.
And did I mention no tornadoes?